A musical program in English

Intermuza Vocal and Instrumental Band

INTERMUZA musical band provides live music of the highest quality, pure vocals, huge diverse repertoire, reliability, versatility, flexibility and commitment. In short, all the necessary service for organizing music events and festivals. Add to this the great experience of the permanent leader and a talented team with rich background and varied repertoire.

  • - Dance sets, disco cover versions: world hits, 80ths retro, Soviet, Russian and foreign hits of the 90th.
  • - Live music, meeting guests, musical accompaniment till the end (soft jazz, blues, lounge).
  • - Dance sets, Disco: contemporary foreign and Russian pop.
  • - Themed costume program "Stilyagi" (Hipsters) - rock 'n' roll party, disco.
  • - Thematic jazz program (evening of jazz, blues, lounge), atmospheric music.
  • - Musical programs in English, Italian, French and Portuguese.
  • - Combining individual program from above items for client’s event.
  • - Flexibility of the group, contraction and expansion, supplementary: male vocals, violin, double bass.
  • - Options: sound engineer, DJ, presenter, sound equipment and lights on the stage and in the hall turnkey.

USD1000 and up for an evening. Our photos. Our videos.

Telephone band administrator 007 926 220-02-36 (only in Russian and in English), Moscow, Russia.